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Helping you with Training and Development to meet AODA Compliance.Face-to-Face Group Sessions, Customized On-Site and On-Line Training

AODA Training can come with its challenges.  Understanding of the legislation and your corporate culture are required to develop your AODA Training.  Understanding the legislation is time consuming and costly.  AODA Experts will work with you to develop your training programs, taking the time to understand your organizational culture, nuances and incorporate proper adult learning techniques into the training programs we develop for you.  Following are a few courses hosted online and/or face-to-face to assist you with your training needs:

AODA – Customer Service Standard 

This workshop is a full day course focusing on the Customer Service Standard of the AODA.  This Workshop will introduce you to the legislative requirements and guide you through the processes you need to complete for your organization in order to comply with this legislation.  By combining the latest best practices with case studies and practical exercises, we create experiences that are stimulating, enjoyable and prepare participants to effectively apply the applications as part of their learning and understanding of the AODA and of Persons with Disabilities to effectively address situations in the workplace. You will be expected to participate online in discussions and talk about your workplace to stimulate ideas on how you will incorporate changes into your workplace to incorporate the changes you need to make to meet or exceed the legislative requirements for your organization.

In Class Course Registration: Price: $CAD 295.00                

Online Course Registration: This online Customer Service training for employees is self paced and includes an online assessment once the course is completed. This course has pre-work, post-work and a quiz including a 1 hour phone review, and Q&A session to be scheduled at time of registration by phone.  Register online for the course.  Once registration is complete and has been processed, one of our qualified consultants will call you to set up an appointment time that is convenient for you.

On-line Course Registration: Price: $CAD 125.00

AODA Train the Trainer Customer Service Standard

This intensive one day workshop will show you how to accommodate your customers in your work and surrounding environment. The hands on exercises will ensure your compliance with the legislation that comes into effect in 2012 for Private Service Industries under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and other legislations. This workshop will be facilitated by Accessibility Experts who will give you the experience and knowledge to break the accessibility barrier. This is a Train the Trainer course – a completed certificate will enable you to train the staff at your facility.

How you will benefit:

  • Understand the legislative requirements
  • Be compliant with Ontario Legislation for Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities – Customer Service
  • Be better equipped to assist your clients with disabilities
  • Clients with disabilities will appreciate that you better understand their needs
  • Able to develop your policies, practices and procedures around the culture of your organization
  • Be the expert in your workplace and provide training to your staff, volunteers and subcontractors representing your organization.

What we will cover:

  • Policies, practices and procedures as it applies to the legislation
  • Service animals and support people
  • Notice of disruptions in service to people with disabilities
  • Training for staff – what are the requirements
  • Feedback process
  • Notice of availability of documents
  • Format of documents
  • Support
  • Checklists
  • more

Cost: $395.00/person (Includes Complementary Training CD – Customizable for your internal organization training needs). NOTE ** this training is for internal use only not for re-sale. Copyright limits access and use of the training materials to internal training for organizations paying for the training only! Only one training CD per company provided unless from different locations identified at time of registration.

Employee Specific Training – Customized Training Available

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service – Half day Seminar for Employees.   This Seminar is designed for Employees to learn how to identify accessibility barriers within the workplace and develop strategies to overcome these barriers in terms of provision of goods and services to customers.  For large groups, please contact us for rates.   This workshop can be customized to meet  your specific needs. More detail…

In Class Course Registration: Price: $CAD 95.00/person

Online Course Registration: This online Customer Service training for employees is self paced and includes an online assessment once the course is completed. Price: $CAD 22.50/login/person

For more than 10 people, please contact us for rates.

For availability of workshops in your area, training at your location, to register for on-line training, more information or to accommodate special needs, please contact one of our dedicated Human Resource Consultants. or phone 519-821-7440.