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Compliance Checklist – Private Companies (1-49 employees)


**employers with less than 20 employees do not have reporting requirements


January 1, 2012

Train all members of the organization on accessible customer service
Welcome service animals and support persons
Put an Accessibility Policy in place so employees, volunteers, and customers know what to expect
Provide accessible emergency and public information, when asked (brochures, evacuation plans, etc.)
Provide staff with disabilities emergency information

December 31, 2014

File an Accessibility Compliance Report

January 1, 2015

Create Accessibility Policies (do not need to be written)
Consider accessibility when implementing self-serve kiosks

January 1, 2016

Make it easy for people with disabilities to provide feedback
Train staff on Ontario’s accessibility laws (ISAR)

January 1, 2017

Make your public information accessible, when asked
Make employment practices accessible (hiring, retraining, career development)

December 31, 2017

File an Accessibility Compliance Report

January 1, 2018

Make new or redeveloped public spaces accessible (trails, play spaces, parking lots, etc.)

December  31, 2020

File an Accessibility Compliance Report

December 31, 2023

File an Accessibility Compliance Report



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